martedì 23 luglio 2013

I'm a believer (not a belieber)

Had another job interview yesterday (and I'm gonna have another one on thursday!)
Things are going pretty good and my friends are shocked by all these possibilities I'm having here, since Italy isn't a good place to find a job right now etc etc ahah
But the true truth is:
"when the warrior of the light believes in miracles,
miracles begin to happen."

Always stay positive :)

domenica 21 luglio 2013

Job interview

Had a job interview yesterday, and think I did pretty well, and I have another one tomorrow at noon. Lets wait and see! Always stay positive! :)

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lunedì 1 luglio 2013

Moving on

I'm back in Italy but I have so many Hong Kong pics that I haven't published yet...
So I'll keep on publishing them for a while XD

I moved at my friends's house, I'm so excited, everything is so new for me :)
The only negative fact? 
Too little space for my shoes!!!! Damn you, Fred! Give me some space!!