giovedì 30 maggio 2013

ALMOST-last-day of work

Today is my almost-last-day of work!!
It was my last day untill Tiffany asked me to work some extra days, and I said yes, because I'm a great girl and I'm always there if someone need me u.u yeah, right.

Anyway, I'm working on some exciting new stuff to do here before I leave!!
A new collaboration and a shooting with a super special person, but I'm not gonna tell you more!

Tomorrow I'm off from work, and a old friend of mine is in town! I think we're gonna stay at the beach ALL THE DAY LONG because the weather is crazy hot!!!
And as you can see from the picture below, I desperately need a tan! XD

I was wearing Beayukmui skirt and t-shirt, vintage Prada bag, vintage watch, H&M accessories and shoes.

venerdì 24 maggio 2013

PRESS: I'm on GQ Magazine Japan with Gene Krell!

He grew up in Brooklyn and left for London in the 70's where he worked at the landmark psychedelic glam boutique Granny Takes a Trip. From Granny's, he befriended Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood - then installed at their shop just a few doors down the King's Road - and became Westwood's right-hand man. 
Then he went back to New York and then to Asia, where he oversaw the launch of Korean Vogue and eventually ensconced himself in Tokyo, with his wife, merchandise display artist Naoko Inagaki.
He's currently working as fashion director of Vogue and GQ Magazine Japan, creative director at Vogue, Vogue Girl and W in South Korea as well as a creative consultant for the Korean edition of GQ and Allure magazines.

No wonder I was SO happy when my boss told me he would come visit our shop!
He's extremely friendly and with such a positive attitude.
And here's our picture together. Best-looking people!! ;) 

Some of you guys can read japanese? XD I'd love to know what the caption says!

domenica 12 maggio 2013

Birthday wishes

I know, I know, my birthday is in one month and a half, AND almost everything that I put in this list is WAY too pricey for us human being. But a girl can still dream, no?

Lately I'm in love with big hats, I could wear them with everything!

What about those Fendi shoes? Is there anything more perfect in the world? I don't think so.

I don't have anything to say about all the vintage pieces. They speak for themselves. I've always been fascinated by vintage stuff, but now that I've been working in a vintage shop for months, I can totally say that I love it. They're little treasures that carry their own secret story.

And well, of course the sexy lingerie couldn't miss! I love lingerie! I think women should always wear some special underwear even if there's no man in their life, or if they're just going shopping with girlfriends. I think it's a little something that makes you happy and a secret to be more self-confident!

That's it! Enjoy x

Hat - Saint Laurent // Bag - Isabel Marant // Perfume - Chloè by Chloè //
Bra - Chantelle Tuilieres // Suspenders - Maison Close Jardin // Thong - Myla Nicole //
Jacket - Vintage Moschino // Shorts - Carven // Flats - Chloè 

Bra - Huit Arpege // Suspenders - Mimi Holiday Pizazz // Thongs - Huit Arpege
Peplo Top - Preen by Thornton Bergazzi // Shorts - Givenchy // Flats - Valentino Garavani //
Pochette - Emily Cho // Bracelet - Vintage Chanel // Earrings - Vintage Chanel // Sunglasses - Prism

Top - T by Alexander Wang // Skirt - Josh Goot //
Bracelet - Vintage Chanel // Pochette - Alexander McQueen // Shoes - Fendi

giovedì 9 maggio 2013


Yes, it's her. 
She's Blair Eadie from the blog Atlantic-Pacific, but I prefer to call her PERFECTION.
I just L-O-V-E her, her style it's super lovely to me.
I'd wear every single item in her closet!
A perfect mix between chic and preppy, she loves colors, prints and yes, of course she lives in the Big Apple!

Well, now I'm just super inspired for super full skirts, and oh, ACCIDENTALLY I have the whole afternoon off from work! Online shopping here I comeeee! ;)

domenica 5 maggio 2013

Shoes, shoes SHOES!

1. &Other stories // 2. Miss Selfridge // 3. Jeffrey Campbell // 4. Alice+Olivia // 5. Kanye West x Giuseppe Zanotti //
6. Derek Lam // 7. Maison Margela x H&M // 8. Jeffrey Campbell // 9. Alexander Wang

I'm looking for the perfect pair of black shoes for my birthday. With all my moving from a continent to another I lost or gave away lots of my favorite shoes, and here I am, without a good pair of black shoes. What a shame, right? I need to fix this!

I go crazy when it comes to shopping (and most of all, shopping for SHOES)
I wish I could buy EVERYTHING and RIGHT AWAY.
Thus I end up buying the cheaper pair of shoes, so I can buy more. 
And the result is, a room FULL of mediocre shoes that make me super bored after a month, and as always, NOTHING TO WEAR!
So I decided it was time for a change. I want to buy QUALITY over quantity.

Now, can we please talk about those Alice+Olivia heels?
And the JC metal toe cap ones? wow.

Which one is your favourite?

venerdì 3 maggio 2013

Matchy Matchy trend


Matchy matchy! Ohhh maybe my favorite trend of the season (together with the all-WHITE of course!)
I just bought a red suit from Zara and I can't wait to wear it!

The weather is just so bad lately in Hong Kong! Its rainy and windy... but well, what do I care? I stay 10 hours a day locked in this shop :D