giovedì 30 maggio 2013

ALMOST-last-day of work

Today is my almost-last-day of work!!
It was my last day untill Tiffany asked me to work some extra days, and I said yes, because I'm a great girl and I'm always there if someone need me u.u yeah, right.

Anyway, I'm working on some exciting new stuff to do here before I leave!!
A new collaboration and a shooting with a super special person, but I'm not gonna tell you more!

Tomorrow I'm off from work, and a old friend of mine is in town! I think we're gonna stay at the beach ALL THE DAY LONG because the weather is crazy hot!!!
And as you can see from the picture below, I desperately need a tan! XD

I was wearing Beayukmui skirt and t-shirt, vintage Prada bag, vintage watch, H&M accessories and shoes.

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