domenica 12 maggio 2013

Birthday wishes

I know, I know, my birthday is in one month and a half, AND almost everything that I put in this list is WAY too pricey for us human being. But a girl can still dream, no?

Lately I'm in love with big hats, I could wear them with everything!

What about those Fendi shoes? Is there anything more perfect in the world? I don't think so.

I don't have anything to say about all the vintage pieces. They speak for themselves. I've always been fascinated by vintage stuff, but now that I've been working in a vintage shop for months, I can totally say that I love it. They're little treasures that carry their own secret story.

And well, of course the sexy lingerie couldn't miss! I love lingerie! I think women should always wear some special underwear even if there's no man in their life, or if they're just going shopping with girlfriends. I think it's a little something that makes you happy and a secret to be more self-confident!

That's it! Enjoy x

Hat - Saint Laurent // Bag - Isabel Marant // Perfume - Chloè by Chloè //
Bra - Chantelle Tuilieres // Suspenders - Maison Close Jardin // Thong - Myla Nicole //
Jacket - Vintage Moschino // Shorts - Carven // Flats - Chloè 

Bra - Huit Arpege // Suspenders - Mimi Holiday Pizazz // Thongs - Huit Arpege
Peplo Top - Preen by Thornton Bergazzi // Shorts - Givenchy // Flats - Valentino Garavani //
Pochette - Emily Cho // Bracelet - Vintage Chanel // Earrings - Vintage Chanel // Sunglasses - Prism

Top - T by Alexander Wang // Skirt - Josh Goot //
Bracelet - Vintage Chanel // Pochette - Alexander McQueen // Shoes - Fendi

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  1. Bellissime selezioni!

    New post:

  2. Hello beautiful :)
    You a great blog !
    Thank you so much for the sweetest comment, I am flattered that you liked my blog so much !
    I followed on bloglovin' don't hesitate to do the same ^^


  3. Adoro tutto, complimenti bella scelta!!!

  4. nice shoes :)

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  6. I love your wish list, hehee, I might add some of your items to my wish list just for fun. Whens your birthday? :) Mines is June 4th!