venerdì 28 ottobre 2011


So, today its "sunny" which is a good thing. I still haven't found an halloween costume, and since I'm working 8-hours on saturday and sunday I have to find something absolutely today. But well, I think I'm gonna dress normaly with some fake blood and a cute mask and I'll pretend to be some ex-wife-zombie-vampire-whatever and i'll be good.

That's the last outfit for Mimì Factory, I loved this not-so-basic t-shirt!

giovedì 27 ottobre 2011

I will follow you into the dar

Wohooooooo something special happened today ;)


Alice in Wonderland nowadays by Mimì Factory

Another dress by Mimì Factory <3 
I loved this one, so special!
It makes me think about a sort of Alice in wonderland nowadays :)

Btw, now i'm gonna have some relax with some tv and a cup of tea, waiting for Andre to come home, and then we'll have a walk with Penny. It's so cold outside, but I really want to go and visit the new Yoanna's shop RRRiot!

mercoledì 26 ottobre 2011


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A lack of color

I'm totally into death cab for cutie today, which is not a good sign! ahah no just kidding, I'm SO happy right now, i dont know why im listening to such sad songs! Maybe cause im not able to download music anymore. Or maybe cuz i'm such in a teenage mood. I love sometime listen to all the bands I used to listen when I was 13-14 like The Used, Saosin, Death Cab, Yellowcard.. woah how nostalgic!
Everything was just.. easier! You never had to think bout your future, your job. Your self-confidence didn't exist ahah but it was good! it was normal. Everything was new and exciting.
Don't get me wrong, I like my life now, I would NEVER NEVER NEVER come back at those times, never! I was so clumsy and insicure ahah and I had such horrible hair!
I like having responsibilities, being ambitious. But I like also being a teenage-nostalgic for a day, like today you know, eating junkies and listening to The Postal Service.

Tomorrow I'm starting sewing my first skirt ever! wohooooooooooooooo
Today i'm lookin for some cool fabric and then I'll start! I'm so happy I received my first sewing machine, because after tomorrow I think I'm gonna sew like a million skirts per day! So happyyyyyyy

Anyway, have u seen this AMAZING jacket I'm wearing? It's from Mimì Factory, ofcourse! I got obsessed with it, its so damn perfect, with see-through sleeves and long tail behind! I love it.

the shoes are from Moschino cheap and chic, but I'm gonna bring them back home today :( Cinderella shop lent them to me for the shooting

martedì 25 ottobre 2011

Lizzie's for Mimì Factory

La fashion designer Ida Ruggiero, l'altro giorno mi ha inviato tutto il campionario del suo brillante brand,  MIMì FACTORY direttamente da Napoli.
Mi sono subito innamorata di tutti i pezzi della collezione, e ovviamente, li ho subito inseriti nello styling che ho preparato per lo shooting di domenica.
E ovviamente non sono riuscita a non indossarli anch'io :D

lunedì 24 ottobre 2011

Shooting preview

I had the train at 7 am, bust i missed it (blame on GM secret party!) so I took the FRECCIA ROSSA train, it was amazing, so confortable (and expensive). I arrived in Milan in 45 mins!
We worked 10 hours no-stop without eating (we were hungry to die, so the models and I went in the hotel lobby and stole a lot of food from the aperitif buffet)
Can't wait to see the results on the magazine!

Preview :p

Andrea's Birthday - GM "secret" PARTY

Sabato sera c'è stata la SECONDA festa a sorpresa per il compleanno di Andre.
E' stato epico, ho detto che avrei voluto far tornare indietro il tempo solo per rivedere la sua faccia e l'abbiamo fatto :D
Abbiamo attirato con l'inganno Andre in casa GM (oh andre c'è Tin in videoconferenza col vice/capo/presidente/stocazzo di Facebook dobbiamo dirti delle cose importantissime vienivienivieni) e invece c'era solo una  festa da una ventina di invitati che nel giro di un ora si è trasformata in un MEGA party (in puro stile GM :D) con 150 persone (contate). C'era gente su tutto il pianerottolo perchè non si riusciva più ad entrare, è stato EPICO, non ci potevo credere, anche perchè l'evento che abbiamo creato su FB era SEGRETO! Potevano vederlo solo le persone che decidevamo di invitare, eppure :D

I love it, Turin can still surprise me :)

sabato 22 ottobre 2011

Andrea's b-day

Anyway, from now on call me SURPRISE PARTY'S QUEEN.
I would turn back the time over and over again just to see Andrea's face while everyone appeared screaming SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ahah
And well, maybe I will ;)