venerdì 28 settembre 2012

giovedì 20 settembre 2012

DIY skirt - ready to party?

Here is a really simple DIY, I bet everyone got some random anonymous black skirt somewhere in your closet!

All you need is some pins, needle and thread, and some small beads or studs.

Put some pins whenever you want to put the small beads

Sew the beads

And that's done!

mercoledì 19 settembre 2012


It’s an adventure through time and a discovery of new places- you'll be amazed!
"Where Life Takes You", is the theme for the new Meltin'Pot FW ’12 campaign. It’s a celebration of life, a walk on the wild side, taking its inspiration from the brand’s deepest roots!
The four main characters meet by chance in an old, bohemian, abandoned site which is inhabited by unusual items from past eras, suspended in time and ready to recount their historical tales. Alongside them, sit pieces from the Meltin'Pot collection, garments that appear to have traveled through time, with their unique force and identities, design forms and details, giving new life to the spaces around them.

The background setting gives a nostalgic flavor, that brings alive the energy and determination of the young protagonists that transmit the energy of the brand, as iconic as its jeans – ICONS presents the heart and soul of the collection: an authentic product, a symbol of "modern vintage" in a contemporary urban scene.

The focus of the images are centered on the product, revealing the details of the fits, treatments, washes, key elements that are highly visible in this contemporary ICONS collection. As the name expresses, ICONS is born from the mix of tradition and cutting edge technology, history and freedom, resulting in a collection that is a mix of total innovative and surprises with comfort being at the helm.

The campaign, led by the Dutch agency staat ..., will be visible on the web ( and in-store via POP materials and special showcases.
Concept & Art Direction - staat …,creative agency
Photography- Flavio&Frank
Styling -  Marika Granieri
Location – Salento (Italy)
Models - Giulio Maria Lotti, Sam Thompson, Cynthia Renae Mutch, Charlotte Ley
For more information:
Beverley Luckings
International Press
Tel: +39 335 718 7093

giovedì 13 settembre 2012

Relaxing DIY

DIY at home, good music and some tea.
Is there anything more relaxing?

mercoledì 12 settembre 2012


This is how I looked today, I love matching boyfriend jeans with classy top and blazers, a little bit of rimmel and a tasty lipstick and there you are, ready for your day out!

lunedì 10 settembre 2012

New life, new hair!

1 month till the departure!
Before I change my life I NEEDED to change my hairstyle :)
You like it?

(you can hype this look on LookBook here!)