sabato 29 giugno 2013

Changes, changes...

Too bad I didn't blog for a looooong time!
My girlfriend came to visit me in Hong Kong, we visited EVERYTHING!
Plus, I just moved back to Italy... everything has been very busy lately!

It's just so good to be home, even if I miss my boyfriend and my dog really bad :(
and changes are always really hard, but I always try to be super positive and to embrace them!
That's what I'm up to lately!
It's just so odd because even if this is my home, my city... I feel like a whole new person, I look at the same places, and streets, and buildings that I've been looking at forever and I see them in a different way.

I always knew that this year in Hong Kong would have changed me. I still don't know HOW but I know it has, and it will. And I'm so ready/curious/excited to figure it out! 
Changes changes. 
Sometimes they're just a lot of fun!

venerdì 14 giugno 2013

Cause you had a bad day

Today I woke up to a horrible headache and some really bad mood. I wanted to go eat sushi for lunch, but it's raining SO bad, thus I had some green tea instead, and the only thing that can make a girl happy: chocolate!
I only have 2 days left to pack almost all my stuff before my best friend come to visit (can't wait!) and I suppose I don't have any excuse not to do it today, since it's raining to much to go anywhere!
But well, we all know that I'll find the strength to go shopping anyway! :D

I played around with watercolors last night, I painted 'till 2 am, and that's the result. It's only an experiment, and I didn't really mind the final result, I always go crazy when one on my paintings turn out not the way I pictured it in my head, and the situation always ends with me ripping up the leaf. But I think I did pretty good considering the fact I haven't drawn anything for like years, and I can't really use watercolors, so...
I just followed the inspiration and that's always good. I believe that in the creative process nothing can be WRONG...
What do you think?

mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

Secret craving

My boyfriend left for Europe and here I am, all alone for 5 days before my friend come to visit.

I must say, I'm really enjoying some time for myself! Today I cleaned all the flat, I went for a little bit of shopping and I bought the sweetest Victoria's Secret body mist.
I stopped by Mana and had my daily wheatgrass shot (it's SO good for health, energy, skin, EVERYTHING! I'm totally addicted) then I went to the grocery store and I bought some of my favorite french cheese (I know I shouldn'tttttt but I couldn't resist!).
I cooked a healthy dinner, and then I had my red wine&cheese watching Sex and the City on the couch with Penny.

And now, I'm in heaven. I changed my bed's sheets, had a super long shower, vaporized some of the Victoria's Secret mist all over my body and some on the sheets as well... Can you imagine something more perfect and cozy than lying in your clean sheets right after shower, smelling of vanilla and roses? This could be my favorite feeling EVER.

Oh, tomorrow is my last day of work.... I'm so excited!!!

My life is totally changing again! I used to be super scared of changes but now I think they're (often) really great! I embrace every minute of it. I really don't know what is gonna happen... I just enjoy it and stay positive!!! :)

lunedì 10 giugno 2013

Day off

Today is my day off, so I take it easy and relax! It's midday and I'm still in bed with Penny, drinking my green tea and having breakfast here.

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sabato 8 giugno 2013

Birds of a feather flock together

This is the last weekend I'm spending with my boyfriend before he leaves for Denmark, Italy etc etc! 
It was crazy crazy hot yesterday in Hong Kong thus we went to Tai Po Waterfall park, rent a bike and just go for a ride! It's been super nice!
Now I need to get ready because we're going to eat SUSHI!!!
Looooove it!

mercoledì 5 giugno 2013

WHAT'S in my bag?

These are my last few days of work, I need to make some stupid collage to resist from commit suicide due to boredom
Anyway, today is such a special day because it's the TOPSHOP opening day! Woot woot!
I can't wait to spend all of my money there! I can think about sooooo many early-birthday presents I can buy to myself!

Anyway, today's stupid collage is all about WHAT'S IN MY BAG (like you give a damn, right?)

Well, I always have my make-up purse with me (1. Asos) and inside I always keep my day-time Nars lip pencil (2. NARS) and my night-time red lip-stick. I love to wear bright red lip stick at night, and I hate when a last minute cocktail or dinner surprises me and I'm without my night-time red lip stick (SUCH a big problem, huh?).
In my free time, grocery store shopping or easy-errands I love to wear my colored lip balm (7.YES to carrots). I don't ever go out with just nothing on my lips, 'cause I have super sensitive skin, and my lips crack all the time.
I also always bring with me my powder foundation (6. bareMinerals) and my blush (4. Benefit) just in case, for quick fixes on super-busy super-long days out. Same thing with my new perfume, (8. Chloè by Chloè) if you read my blog you'll know that I have a thing for perfumes. This smells SUPER good, and I love to smell that good all day long, so again, I bring it along with me on super-busy super-long days.
Well, my iPhone of course. Here in Hong Kong there are some crazy beautiful covers, I love to change them all the time! This one is from MiniInTheBox (9. MiniInTheBox).
My keys. Actually, currently I'm using a Cèline keychain but I couldn't find it on the web.
My lovely coin purse (16. Accessorize) and my RAWRR passport cover (17. Asos).
Oh, I love this one. Here in Hong Kong they'r SO popular, oil plotting papers. How many times, especially in summer, all you need is a super quick fix for your oily skin without having to put more make-up on it? TA-DAA this is a brilliant solution! Some quick tap-taps on your nose, chin and forehead and you're ready-to-go! (14. Sephora)
GUMMY BEARS. Well, it's not always gummy bears, but I always have with me some kind of sugar candies because of my low blood pressure. If I'm hungry, I HAVE to eat something or I will: freak out-feeling weak-faint.
Then we have, my agenda and my notebook . Those who read my blog know that I always have lots of notebooks, I love to write stupid lits for everything, or to draw or whatever you can do with a notebook. I just love them.

lunedì 3 giugno 2013

Crazy hot summer in Hong Kong

The summer in Hong Kong is CRAZY hot! I'm living of ice cream-fresh fruit-juice and LOADS of water!
I'm having a little bit of free time now, and I'm enjoying it sooooo much :p
I love waking up in the morning and take it easy having breakfast in bed, watching sex and the city and cuddling with my dog <3 p="">

I'm with my boyfriend now, he needs cuddles too! We're ready for the night, drinking wine and watching Game of Thrones! Loveit loveit!