mercoledì 5 giugno 2013

WHAT'S in my bag?

These are my last few days of work, I need to make some stupid collage to resist from commit suicide due to boredom
Anyway, today is such a special day because it's the TOPSHOP opening day! Woot woot!
I can't wait to spend all of my money there! I can think about sooooo many early-birthday presents I can buy to myself!

Anyway, today's stupid collage is all about WHAT'S IN MY BAG (like you give a damn, right?)

Well, I always have my make-up purse with me (1. Asos) and inside I always keep my day-time Nars lip pencil (2. NARS) and my night-time red lip-stick. I love to wear bright red lip stick at night, and I hate when a last minute cocktail or dinner surprises me and I'm without my night-time red lip stick (SUCH a big problem, huh?).
In my free time, grocery store shopping or easy-errands I love to wear my colored lip balm (7.YES to carrots). I don't ever go out with just nothing on my lips, 'cause I have super sensitive skin, and my lips crack all the time.
I also always bring with me my powder foundation (6. bareMinerals) and my blush (4. Benefit) just in case, for quick fixes on super-busy super-long days out. Same thing with my new perfume, (8. Chloè by Chloè) if you read my blog you'll know that I have a thing for perfumes. This smells SUPER good, and I love to smell that good all day long, so again, I bring it along with me on super-busy super-long days.
Well, my iPhone of course. Here in Hong Kong there are some crazy beautiful covers, I love to change them all the time! This one is from MiniInTheBox (9. MiniInTheBox).
My keys. Actually, currently I'm using a Cèline keychain but I couldn't find it on the web.
My lovely coin purse (16. Accessorize) and my RAWRR passport cover (17. Asos).
Oh, I love this one. Here in Hong Kong they'r SO popular, oil plotting papers. How many times, especially in summer, all you need is a super quick fix for your oily skin without having to put more make-up on it? TA-DAA this is a brilliant solution! Some quick tap-taps on your nose, chin and forehead and you're ready-to-go! (14. Sephora)
GUMMY BEARS. Well, it's not always gummy bears, but I always have with me some kind of sugar candies because of my low blood pressure. If I'm hungry, I HAVE to eat something or I will: freak out-feeling weak-faint.
Then we have, my agenda and my notebook . Those who read my blog know that I always have lots of notebooks, I love to write stupid lits for everything, or to draw or whatever you can do with a notebook. I just love them.

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