sabato 29 giugno 2013

Changes, changes...

Too bad I didn't blog for a looooong time!
My girlfriend came to visit me in Hong Kong, we visited EVERYTHING!
Plus, I just moved back to Italy... everything has been very busy lately!

It's just so good to be home, even if I miss my boyfriend and my dog really bad :(
and changes are always really hard, but I always try to be super positive and to embrace them!
That's what I'm up to lately!
It's just so odd because even if this is my home, my city... I feel like a whole new person, I look at the same places, and streets, and buildings that I've been looking at forever and I see them in a different way.

I always knew that this year in Hong Kong would have changed me. I still don't know HOW but I know it has, and it will. And I'm so ready/curious/excited to figure it out! 
Changes changes. 
Sometimes they're just a lot of fun!

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