giovedì 20 gennaio 2011

Thankyou, TOPSHOP

You can't image how surprised was I when I found this box just out of my door.
It was love at first sight with those shoes (and with the ring), and I spent 1 month waiting for them I was about to give up!

Anyway, I just signed up for a gym with my friend!
I'm super busy lately, I'm working in the morning, now going to the gym in the afternoon and going to school in the evening. I'm litterally freaking out, but I love to keep myself pretty busy :)
That's so weird 'cuz I was such a lazy person :D
But I suppose I was influenced by the wrong person ;)

3 commenti:

  1. Abbiamo ordinato lo stesso anello Lizzie!

  2. Non vedo l'ora di vedertele in un outfit completo! :)

  3. Awesome informazioni, molte grazie allo scrittore dell'articolo. È comprensibile per me ora, l'efficacia e l'importanza è da capogiro. Grazie ancora e buona fortuna!.