lunedì 12 novembre 2012

What's your beauty routine?

Hey there!
I'm at work incredibly bored so I thought to share with you my beauty gems, all the products I couldn't live without.

Daily essential
Every morning when I get up and every night before going to bed I take off my makeup with the "take the day off" make-up remover and I wash my face with the liquid facial soap. Then I remove the make-up residues with the clarifying lotion, I apply the moisturizing gel all over my face, and on my eyes I put the "all about eyes" eye cream, everything by Clinique.
I absolutely love Clinique, a bit pricy but definitely worth it.

Every four days
Every four days I take a moment of relax and I use SKY-II treatment face mask. It's really great!

Every week
I'm super conscious about my sensitive skin, so, I have a face scrub not more than once a week. It leaves skin as soft as velvet. The St. Ives naturally clear Green Tea scrub is the one I love the most.
 When I'm not at home
Since my skin is a bit oily, I always have with me Johnson&Johnson oil control film 60 sheets, for fast retouches.

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