martedì 31 maggio 2011


"People often claim that fashion is entirely superficial and unworthy of praise, but I think that’s simply an excuse unmotivated people make for not being able to manifest their own personal style. Fashion isn’t solely superficial; it requires as valid an artistic vision as any other figure of creativity. Fashion is about perspective, it’s about applying one’s character to their clothing so that passersby can make accurate internalizations about their tastes. Above all, it’s courteous to dress up. Show your community that you respect them enough to honor their presence with an effortful outfit. If you were invited to have tea with the Queen, there’s no chance in hell you’d wear a pair of blue jeans because you intrinsically know that it’d be disrespectful. I like to treat everyone I know like the Queen; no one is exempt from having to show their friends and acquaintances that they appreciate them!"
I'm in love with her.

Odio i difetti, specialmente quelli della pelle, odio le LENTIGGINI e odio il fatto che appena io prenda un pò di sole me ne vengano una tonnellata sul naso.
Due giorni soltanto di reclusione.
Sta finendo tutto e vorrei puntualizzare che non ho toccato neanche un goccio di Monster nonostante la pressione.
Congratulatevi tutti, prego.

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