giovedì 17 novembre 2011

Licia Florio Spring Summer 2012

Licia Florio - Spring-Summer 2012 from Licia Florio on Vimeo.

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Through choices of colour and material the Licia Florio S/S 2012 Collection shows a woman who is not seduced by style dictates, but takes her own road.
A season inspired by seawolves, by independent personalities, travel and sailing.

Light but concrete fabrics design the silhouette of a woman who really lives the city, free to express her personality.
Colours of the earth, beige or bordeaux, build a harmony in combination with materials such as parachute cotton or organza.
Round collars, small cuts that just show the skin, light transparencies and forms that envelop, these are the materialisation of clean and essential garments without edges.
Each piece takes the name of a knot, which ties in with the fabrics and becomes the symbolic detail of this collection, Seawolf.

We collaborated with the Italian group Esperanza for the video teaser, with the song Sirena. Esperanza is signed to the German label Gomma records (

Licia Florio brand

Licia Florio is an italian brand which gets its name from its own designer. 
The intention, is to create an elegant brand, never excessive and ostentatious. Simple clothes, that emphasize the shapes, signing a product made in Italy.

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