domenica 6 novembre 2011

Long rainy days

It's been raining for so long, everything is so grey! But -I dont know why- I like this weather so much. Not because it makes me feel sad and melancholic (i cant get why the hell  people are happy to be SAD. I hate to be sad, Im happy all the time!) I simply like it. I can wear sparkling and colourful things and really MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! ahah

Btw, yesterday I went shopping (crazy shopping) with mom and dad (we dont see each other very often since I live alone :( ) and today I work for Zara in the afternoon :)

I have big news, Im gonna work with a GREAT photographer, the dutch Liselotte Fleur. She's amazing, check out her website HERE! Im styling her shooting, we still dont know the date nor the location, but i'll write about it as soon as possible :) so stay connected!

1 commento:

  1. Rainy days again... I like wearing jumpers but I hate when I am cold even wearing a jumper!
    I love your hair :)