sabato 2 marzo 2013

Style of the day @Opera Opera

So, I started working in this LOVELY place called Opera Opera, a vintage shop on Gough Street (like 1 minute far from my house ahah) in Central Hong Kong!
I LOVE this place, it's so fresh and friendly, you feel like you're at home with your friends!
Plus, I meet some very interesting people everyday coming in the shop.

I'm really happy right now, it's a very positive time, I'm so glad about it because this last 4 months has been really really bad. I've been confused, sad, confused again, I made a lot of bad mistakes (but not THAT bad, you know, in the end I'm a pretty wise person :)) but now I think I found myself again, or atleast i'm on the right way to!

I was wearing Karl Lagerfield scarf// Fendi vintage jacket// vintage red dress// Leoni&Mariotti belt// Dolce&Gabbana shoes

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