martedì 1 febbraio 2011

Long skirt.

I found out I didn't pass the exam I was studying for.
Those who know something about me know I'm so sad about it. It was so important to me, I really want to finish this school cuz I'm totally not motivated.
(well, everything in my life was going pretty perfectly, I suppose karma was jealous of me u.u)
 Anyway I'm moving to London this summer, so I have to leave school necessarily.
I still have to go to school 'till June, wich is a good thing for me, because I realized lately that I have to do a lot of things during the day, cuz it makes me so happy and livewire!
Anyway, I'm looking for another job, cuz I need more money. The work I got now pays me really little.
Btw I'll work here 'till I find a new job :)

I gotta go looking for my new flat :)
Santa Rita zone may be the place.

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  2. loving!!!