lunedì 20 dicembre 2010


Sometime changes in life bring you to change something on yourself.
Something like your HAIR.
I'm a brunette and I'm proud to be. ahaha
I was tired of my old red. Plus, it's really TOO diffuse by now. And I'm afraid to be dull.
PLUS, I'm ready to change and revolutionize EVERYTHING in my life, I'm not afraid of anything anymore, I feel strong like never before, and consequently I feel so self-confident.
I'm finally living my life :)

Ok, I know I'm boring, whatever.
Saturday me and my friends went to Melody Fall's concert at Taurus in Ciriè (TO)
Drank a lot of beer and sparkling wine that Galia and Vevi brought.
Galia forced me to dance in melody fall's video clip. That's NO good.

Now I'm going to school :)
It's Christmas in 4 days and I still haven't bought ANY present.

Oh. It seems like I'm inspiring a lot of people lately.
I'm veeery proud of it ;)


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