martedì 9 aprile 2013

Accessories addiction

1.Necklace, Asos//2.Earcuff, Asos//3.Bracelet, Asos//4.Earrings, Asos//5.Chain Necklace//Asos

I'm obsessed with accessories lately, that's the spring effect on me (even if in Hong Kong apparently is spring the WHOLE YEAR except during spring ).
I really LOVE huge chain necklaces and bracelets, I actually love everything that's huge and colored in accessories!
Plus, I can't wait to buy one of those ear cuffs, I'm obsessed with them, I just think they're so stylish!
I'm going to spend a mini holiday in Philippines next week, and I can't wait to buy a lot of colored necklaces and hair things such as flowers or headbands 

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