domenica 28 aprile 2013

Victoria Park

Another sightseeing day with Andrea and his lovely family :)
I took them to Victoria Park, in Causwaybay. I love that park, I usually go there when I have a little bit of spare time. Usually it's very quiet, but yesterday was SUNDAY so it was FULL of maids on their day off.
Yeah, one (of the many) curious facts about Hong Kong is that there are a lot of maids; 
they don't have a house on their own, they live at home with the (rich) family who hire them.
Sunday is their day off, and apparently they can't stay at home with their "bosses" so they go out and spend the entire day all around the city.
At the park, or near some mall, or even in the middle of some street. They are just SO MANY! They sit on the floor and sing, dance, play cards, talk with friends, eat... 
We still don't understand why the hell they can't go to the beach or somewhere nice and confortable, instead of the floor of the streets of Hong Kong! XD But it's ok, it's one of the many Hong Kong mysteries we will never solve.

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