sabato 6 aprile 2013

Juice Cleanse - 1st day of pre-cleanse

There we go, today I've started the pre-cleanse phase, I'm so excited!
Yesterday I bought a blender (that's right, I finally own a blender, I never had one and I really started to think about getting married at a certain point, just to have a REALLY GREAT blender as wedding present. But yeah, purchasing one, this was such a simpler thing :D )

Anyway, from now on for 3 days I'm only allowed to eat fruit and veggies to prepair my body for the 3 days of juice fast. I had fruit for breakfast, a big salad for lunch, then a llloooot of fresh fruit as snack and now I'm sipping my honey green tea watching Friends at work (the shop is so quiet today!)

Can't wait to see how my body will react to all this!

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  1. the ast one looks so yummy! its orange and..? i want to eat that xD

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