sabato 13 aprile 2013

PERFUMES - my favourites

My current perfume, Flower by Kenzo//1.Daisy, Marc Jacobs//2.Parisienne,YSL//3.Miss Dior, Christian Dior//4.Chloè by Chloè//5.Classic, Jean Paul Gautier//6.Flowerbomb, Viktor&Rolf//7.Daisy Eau Fresh, Marc Jacobs//8.Very Irresistible, Givenchy

When it comes to perfumes, I totally lose my mind. I'm crazy about them! I think it's a very important detail and it says a lot about the person who is wearing it. Plus, I would smell them forever *.*
That's why I always struggle to find the PERFECT fragrance that goes with my personality, with my style, with me!
A crazy detail about me is that I always try to have a perfume for the day time and a perfume for the night time...
I know, it's almost a disease ahah
I think that you live very different things during the day, in the morning you're a super busy girl who works a lot and try to be professional and stuff, but by night you go out and let everything go, and you go dance with your friends and party hard, and it's almost like you're two different people. You won't wear the same clothes, so how can you image wearing the same fragrance?

My fragrance "by night" always will be Cinèma by YSL, I think it's just SO good, it's strong but sensual, and it lasts forever. 
Even if sometime I'll replace it with Opium always by YSL. Oh it's so old but yet SO GOOD.

I'm undecided between some "day" fragrances... I'm actually quite in love with the Chloè one, I think it will be the lucky one :D
It's so fresh and feminine, and the thing I love the most about it is that when you wear it, after 1 hour or two, it smells just like fresh laundry *.*

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