martedì 23 aprile 2013

Today's favorites

Oh, I'm SO in love with candles and everything that gives a scent and a little bit of personality to the house. I always want more and more candles (almost) just like shoes!

Bath salt&stuff
YES PLEASE to everything that makes bubbles, smells good and that you can put in your bathtub.
I'm really sick about looong baths, I can't help myself.
RIGHT NOW we don't have a bathtub, but in our next house there will be a HUGE one (Andrea, YOU PROMISED!!!! ;) )

Cherry colored lip balm
Just a everyday treat I give to myself. I'm not always in the mood to wear lipstick or lipgloss, but I really love having a little bit of color on my lips. That's the best solution to me!
soft, colored, and with the sweetest smell!

Crazy sunglasses
Oh boy, how cool are those glasses? I was looking for them for a while and finally I found the cheapest option! Can't wait to buy them for the summer ;)

Springy necklaces
When I feel that summer-thing, I just go crazy and all I wanna do is to wear colorful things, flowers, and HUGE accessories!
I found this necklace on Etsy. I can say it feeds perfectly all my summery cravings :p

Crazy manicures
Oh yes, another thing I'm paranoid with: perfect nails.
I like to always have fresh and polished nails done (I put my nail polish, keep it for 3-4 days, depending on the nail polish, then I take it off and I leave my nails to breath for at least 8 hours, then I repeat :)).
I usually stick to the classic reds, pinks and sometime when its winter, black.
But in spring/summer I love to rock some crazy manicure, I love colored nail patches, and how cute is it this feline manicure? Meow!

We are still pretty precarious, we don't know how long will we stay in Hong Kong, and most of all in this house. It's almost a year, but it's WAY too small for us (and our little crazy dog)!
But for sure, I want LOTS of green plants and flowers in my next (perfect and imaginary) house!
I just feel so positive in places with lots of green :)

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