venerdì 26 aprile 2013

Sightseeing around HK

Yesterday was my day off from work (YAY) and my boyfriend's parents are in town (super YAY) so we went sightseeing. I always love to act like a tourist! No matter if I live here from almost a year, I still feel such a tourist! I love taking pictures of everything I see, and here in Hong Kong every time you turn your head you can see something really WEIRD worth taking a picture of. I love it!

I feel SO lucky for being here. It's not my dream-city, that's true, I don't wanna live here forever, it's not really "me".
But life is a loooong trip, and I feel lucky that Hong Kong is being a stop-over of this trip. It's not easy to have such an opportunity to compare yourself with such a different culture!

I've always dreamt about traveling around the world, living in a lot of places, building a piece of life everywhere. I love how difficult is it at the beginning, and how you feel completely LOST because you're on your own, with no job, no parents and no friends looking after you (of course I'm super lucky and grateful that I can do all of this together with the love of my life. I couldn't make it without him :)) and I love the most, when you actually MAKE IT, and find a job and earn your own money, and meet friends, and all you can think about is, IF I CAN MAKE IT THERE, I CAN MAKE IT EVERYWHERE, as Frank Sinatra said. And you feel stronger and stronger :)

Life can be so good if you want it :)

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